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Flying on planes has become a part of our lives. We might take a flight to travel fast across the United Kingdom, or cross the skies to reach other countries in the world. Flying is a convenient, fast and practical way to travel to places far away, and even for short trips, it fits very well with the needs of businesspeople who have to get to their destination quickly so they can do their job. There is no doubt planes are very convenient and that they should be here to stay, but this doesn't mean that everything about flights is easygoing and perfect for passengers.

Even if the flight itself is great, especially when compared with alternative means of transport like boats, trains and cars, there is a whole story before as well as after the flight. You can't just pick a plane anywhere, like you can do with a cab, you need to go to an airport, and these places are often quite complicated to reach. Security issues, environmental issues and others demand airports to be apart from cities and big settlements, so it can be a pain to reach them, and you don't always have a convenient train or bus line that drops you at the gate of the airport. Even if you do, traveling with luggage is always bothersome, and it gets even worse when you use any sort of public transport and you need to struggle with big and heavy suitcases, bags and other sorts of luggage.  Read More...

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A Place In The Sun are a fantastic travel site. They give all sorts of information regarding safety, health, currency and also advice on flights, accomodation and excursions! They are really fab and provide service with a smile!

TestimonialsBrdget Munners

I was planning a holiday with a few friends of mine and I waasn't sure about the currency, language, health risks and just general infomation about my destination. A Place In The Sun gave me all the information I needed!

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