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Frustrated Travelers Furious with Repeated Airport Delays

Travelling can be Annoying and Frustrating at times!

Travelling to different parts of the world is a fun activity for those who love travelling but it is very annoying and frustrating when you have to wait for your flight due to airport delays. Flight delays are caused due to many reasons. Sometimes rough weather causes problems and sometimes technical issues become the reason for delays but it is really a tough ask to wait in the departure lounge for a long time to catch your flight. 

If we talk about UK then there are many airports which are among the busiest airports in the world. Due to their tight schedules, it is hard to avoid different circumstances which end up causing flight delays. You cannot avoid thunderstorms or any other bad weather condition and also can’t do anything about technical issues. There is a lot happening at the UK airports on a daily basis so if you are moving to and from these airports then you have to be patient because anything can occur at anytime.  

In the recent couple of years, many unhappy flyers had to wait for long periods at UK airports because of bad weather conditions and other scenarios. In different parts of the United Kingdom, weather plays a huge role in disrupting flight schedules and this is the main reason why passengers get annoyed. 

Stories of Frustrated Travelers

There are many stories of unhappy flyers that had to endure lengthy flight delays at different UK airports. The following are some stories of frustrated travelers who had to wait for long periods because of an airport delay. 

  A British family had planned a trip to India to spend their vacations. There were four members in the family. There were 2 kids along with their mom and dad. The date of departure was 21st March, 2016 from Heathrow Airport. They arrived at the airport 3 hours before the departure time. At the immigration counter, they heard the shocking news that the flight is delayed by 5 hours due to bad weather. As it was hard for them to go back to their home and come again to the airport to catch the flight, they decided to stay in the departure lounge. In the beginning, kids were not feeling anything; they were playing and enjoying some snacks. However, it is really hard for kids to stay at the same place for hours so they started feeling irritated after just an hour. Their parents were feeling sleepy but due the frustration of their kids, they became unhappy too. Every minute was passing like an hour for them. After 3 hours, they went to ask again about any updates and found that their flight was re-routed. Somehow, they managed to pass the time and caught the flight to reach to their destination. 
A couple returning from Luton Airport to Italy had to go through a lengthy flight delay as well. They came to the UK a month before to attend the marriage ceremony of their uncle’s daughter. After spending quality time with their family they decided to go back home. At the immigration counter, they got the surprise that their flight to Italy was delayed by 3 hours due to some technical problems in the aircraft. After an argument with the officer, they decided to wait in the departure lounge. The lady was not feeling well from the past 2 days so it was really hard for her to wait for the flight. They both spend their 3 hours in complete anxiety due to the Luton airport delay. 

The Impacts of Flight Delays

The impact of flight delays on passenger demand and societal welfare is immeasurable. Frequent flight delays cause reduction in the demand of the passengers and thus affect societal welfare. The airlines must have to double the remediation efforts by paying good amount to its customers. 

In order to avoid such scenarios, the Advice from the Civil Aviation Authority is to confirm the timings of your flight before leaving for the airport. By doing this, you can save yourself from having to wait too long at the airport. No matter where you are going or coming from, just make a call to confirm the flight schedule and then leave for the airport accordingly. 

Moreover, it is necessary to know about your rights if the scheduled flight is cancelled, delayed or overbooked. You can find the answers to all your questions by exploring the flight delay claim faq. Also, if you want to know complete information regarding your rights in case of cancelled, delayed or overbooked flights then you can freely visit NIDirect Government site. At this site, you will get all the required information regarding flight delay claims. 

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