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Holidays are exciting and tasking in equal measure. Things can go terribly wrong or delightfully right depending on how well you make your plan and who you partner with. For starters, if you are planning to go for an out-of-town holiday, it is essential to book all amenities on time. This will not only save you serious inconveniences, it will also save you loads of cash. 

If you are like most holiday makers, your search for the perfect destination starts online. The convenience offered by the internet is unmatched; you get to see, and not just imagine, how the holiday will be. You also get to read reviews of your preferred destinations to ascertain that what they are offering online is indeed what you get. 

To further make the holiday better, you can do all your bookings online. If you decide to make your plans without involving a professional travel and tours company, you can make all your bookings online; from accommodation, to eateries and the entertainment facilities. Additionally, there are endless resources online that can help you plan the perfect holiday. The only thing you may miss out on should you plan it by yourself is the enormous discounts and the best late deals that are accorded to the travel agents.

If you are not very conversant with your preferred holiday destination, you may want to work with a travel agent who is better versed with the facilities therein. They will be in a position to advice on the facilities available based on your preferences as well as the touristic sites around. Having a trusted travel planner will also save you the heartache of being cheated off your cash. Let’s face it; there are a whole lot of fraudsters out there ready to pounce on a naïve newbie.

Choosing a Reliable Holiday Planner

The most essential part of the holiday is the planning. Since you may not have enough time to do it yourself, you can always hire the services holiday planners. But wait, with scores of them online, how do you pick the best? How do you distinguish between frauds and the real professionals?

The Certifications

Your initial research may lead you to a narrowed down list of preferred planners. Before you engage them to do anything for you, you may need to ascertain that they are registered with the relevant bodies. You also need to check out the security detail of their site such as the HTTPS encryption of the URL. If you are required to make payment via debit or credit cards, you should check out other security tails such as ATOL and ABTA protection.


It is prudent to work with a planner who is well versed with your preferred destination as well as organizing the kind of holiday you have in mind. You can go through their website to get more details on their operations. Tripadvisor reviews will also reveal a lot on the customer experience and the kind of holiday they’ll plan for you. If you are a little stuck on where to start, here is a simple starting point.

Booking Your Holiday with Thomsons

This is the easiest online platform that you can use to book a holiday of your choice. Before you make any bookings, it is important to decide on a few matters first. For starters, you can choose an all inclusive holiday, which is pretty convenient. You can chose to have them do everything for you, from flight bookings all the way to accommodation and park entry fees.

The Best Thing about Thomsons

They give you the luxury of making your own bookings or having them do it for you. For example, you can choose the “Manage my Bookings” tab to change a whole lot of information about the holiday such as the flights to take, the dates, the destination, the hotels, add/remove extra facilities, or even cancel the holiday! When it comes to other vital details such as the details of the holiday makers (such as the number and the names), for security reasons, you will be required to contact Thomsons to make the changes for you.

Before you make any booking, you can browse around to get what is on offer in your preferred destination. There are endless resources that show you the facilities and charges associated with each holiday package. You can choose a range of facilities from sporty, luxury, nightlife, contemporary, family, scenic, adventure etc holiday packages. Once you make your bookings, you receive confirmation (through the telephone, email –eticket, or post) giving you the full details of your holiday. You are at liberty to change any of those details at any time as advised.


If you need any assistance at any point of the booking process, you can always check out the help section or call Thomsons directly. You can get deals, offers or simply have them make the process easier for you. Don’t forget to enjoy your holiday!

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