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Travel is the most interesting and exhilarating thing that you can do in your life. It broadens your horizons, allows you to meet new people and submerges you into new and wonderful cultures. It is a big old world out there and there are endless sights to see, so let's take a look at why some people choose not to travel, and some reasons why they should!



Whenever you talk about travel, the first thing that people usually say is 'how much did that cost?’ or they say, 'I'd love to travel but I just can't afford it'.

People still see travelling as a expensive thing to do, what with flights, accommodation, spending money, food, health insurance and any trips that you want to go on! Plus you have to consider the money that you have to spend in preparation; for example new clothes, toiletries, a suitcase, getting to the airport and any necessary vaccinations. Wow it really is easy to believe that travelling is too expensive, especially when you're taking into account your whole family and not just yourself. If you are on a budget it can also be daunting! Well fear not here are some great reasons as to why travelling isn't as expensive as you think, in fact, it is rather inexpensive!


Budget, Budget, Budget!

There are so many great budget airlines that now fly to remote and far away destinations. Long gone are the days whereby only the top airlines could take you to Australia and America. Now you can find flights to almost any destination with almost any airline.

   Certain dates are best to fly, avoiding bank holidays and summer holidays.

   If you book on certain dates too you can catch the flights at low costs. 

   Why not try for a standby flight, the chances are you'll only be waiting an extra hour or so, and most airports have so much to see and do that time will fly by!

Hostels these days are just and good as hotels and some are even better! Many now boast swimming pools, room service, restaurants and sea views; and are still much cheaper!

You can find great deals on excursions and trips before you fly. Research your destination and find reviews. Often if you wait till you are there the tour companies will say any price and you wont know if they are fair or not. Be wise before you travel!

Supermarkets are fantastic for currency exchange, as are post offices and some department stores!


Save, Save, Save!

If you plan to go on holiday next year then start saving now. Save as much as you can while still allowing yourself to live comfortably. It may be hard to say no to a few takeaways but an adventurous holiday on the horizon is surely worth it right?

Even if you put away as little as £10 a week that’s still £520 in a year! That is more then enough spending money in most countries and allows for some pre-holiday essentials too!

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A Place In The Sun are a fantastic travel site. They give all sorts of information regarding safety, health, currency and also advice on flights, accomodation and excursions! They are really fab and provide service with a smile!

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I was planning a holiday with a few friends of mine and I waasn't sure about the currency, language, health risks and just general infomation about my destination. A Place In The Sun gave me all the information I needed!

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